The Consortium Firm International ® Project Overview

TCFI is diversified in the types of business products it supports. Some of the categories include:

On the following pages are summaries of some of the TCFI Projects we are currently supporting.

Genesis USA Development, LLC



Positioned in one of the most desirable and rapidly growing areas in America, Sweetwater is a regional destination development. Ideally located at Interstate 65 and SR20-565 in north Alabama, Sweetwater will be the gateway to Decatur, a pro-growth city committed to attracting and promoting the best.

Sweetwater’s 535 acre master plan offers exciting residential choices juxtaposed to a lifestyle town center with exclusive retail, a destination entertainment complex with state-of-the-art performance venues, premier hotels, restaurants, offices and medical services. This development will offer convenient access for living, shopping and working for BRAC relocates and others in the entire north Alabama area.

Complete development projections include: 1.3 million sq. ft.-retail; 2,675 residential units (home to 6-8,000); 825,000 sq. ft.-office/medical; 4-5,000 seat amphitheater; additional healthcare facilities, schools, fire station and parks.

Delivering the best in both urban and country lifestyles, with world class entertainment, defines Sweetwater as a destination that will transform this entire interstate region.

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American Medical Properties Summary

American Medical Properties (AMP) is organized to serve as an operating general partner to acquire several hundred million dollars of medical properties over the next five years through limited partnerships. AMP is targeting Medical Office Buildings and other Healthcare related assets on or near hospital campuses with below-market leases and/or high capitalization rates and for-profit and not-for-profit hospitals that are looking to monetize their noncore assets.

Targeted opportunities are:

AMP may enter into fee acquisitions, sale leasebacks, partnerships, and/or joint ventures with hospitals and physician tenants for the medical real estate in which it invests.

AMP is using its management team’s expertise in public relations and marketing to ensure that physician groups and hospitals are aware of AMP’s superior understanding and execution of healthcare real estate management, to assist in new leasing efforts (if needed) for the various facilities, and to ensure that AMP is the first call for healthcare real estate investment and tenancy in our target markets. When supported by market research of a particular asset, AMP may add value to the asset by providing a concierge level of hospitality service to its physician tenants.

Black River/Fort Drum Summary

The Black River project is a 31 acre residential and commercial real estate development in New York State in the Village of Black River, including a right to purchase an additional 200 acres. The site is within a quarter mile of the main gate on the east side of Fort Drum, one of the U. S. Army’s premier installations and home to the Tenth Mountain Division and the Wounded Warrior Project.

The Consortium Firm will build and sell 144 housing units in 52 buildings. There will be a mix of duplexes, triplexes, quadraplexes, and single family homes. Construction is manufactured housing modules, assembled on site. The development is marketing to the middle grade of Non Commissioned officers, E5 to E9. These are career military people and among the most stable. They typically have been in the military for 5 to 10 years and are going to stay to get their 20 years. The military is encouraging this group of service people to own their homes. We chose this group because there is little good quality housing available to them and their Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) allows them to comfortably afford the homes we will be building.

The site has clean environmental and archaeological reports and all utilities are to the property line.

Three factors are driving demand for housing: more service men and women stationed at the fort, limited available land for development and increased BAH the Army pays specifically for housing.

For the first time, starting in 2012, all of the units based at Fort Drum will be stationed there, coming home from many tours of duty in the War on Terror. Right now, there is a shortage of housing. Fort Drum buses personnel back and forth to Syracuse every day, a distance of 80 miles, which takes an hour and a half. Reporting on next year’s return, an article in the Watertown Daily Times dated January 12, 2011 states that there will be a need for 1,200 to 1,700 homes! And, this number does not account for increases in civilian workers, only military personnel.

Additionally, much of the housing on or near the base now is of low quality having been built 25 to 30 years ago.

Compounding the shortage is limited sewer capacity. This site has the only available sewer capacity in close proximity to the Fort and this site has contractual rights with the Village of Black River for nearly 200,000 gallons per day.

Finally, Basic Allowances for Housing have gone up. Since The Consortium Firm began due diligence on this project in early 2008, BAH for the target group has gone up from 33.6%-53.9%. BAH for an E5 with dependents is $1,335 per month. The monthly payment on the largest home we will be offering is $1,163. An E7 without dependents receives a BAH of $1,254.

The 31 acre Phase 1 is projected to earn an equity investor a profit of $2.9 MM on an investment of $4.7 MM. The project has an IRR of 41.97%.